Abd Al-Rahman Al-Shafi’i

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Full name:
Abd Al-Rahman ibn Nasr ibn Abdallah ibn Muhammad Al-Nabarawi Al-Shafi’i
Arabic name:
عبد الرحمن إبن نصر إبن عبدالله إبن محمد النبراوي الشافعي
Date of birth:
‘Abd Al-Rhaman Ibn Nasr ibn ‘Abdallah ibn Muhammad al-Nabarawi al-Shafi’i (al-Adawi al-Shairazi) is an Egyptian scholar who flourished probably in the time of Salahuddin (sultan 1169-1193). He wrote a handbook for the use of police officers in charge of markets (muhtasib; hence, Spanish almotacen; their function was called hisba), enabling them for instance to verify weights and measures and to test the genuineness of wares.