Abdüllahid El Bağdat

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Full name: Muwaffaq al-Din Muhammad ‘Abd al-Latif ibn Yusuf al-Baghdadi, ‘Abd al-Latif al-Baghdadi or ‘Abdallatif al-Baghdadi
Arabic name: موفق الدين محمد عبد اللطيف بن يوسف البغدادي, or عبداللطيف البغدادي
Date of birth: 1162
Date of death: 1213
Abd al-Latif travelled extensively and spent a large part of his life in Aleppo, Cairo and Damascus, all three of which were important intellectual centres in the medieval Islamic world. Under the supervision of numerous famous teachers, he first studied introductory subjects – such as Arabic grammar, lexicology, and poetry – and later traditional (Islamic) and ancient (foreign) sciences. The former included law, jurisprudence, and hadith (the utterances of the Prophet Muhammad); the latter dealt with mathematics, medicine, and philosophy.

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